Mail Opt Out

How do I opt out of receiving mailed offer letters from Mission Lane?

Please send us a message with all the contact information that appears on your letter (full name and address).

We’ll process your request to opt-out; however, there is a possibility that the bureaus may not be perfectly precise in matching you with the exclusion request based on name and address alone. 

  • The only way to ensure you do not receive further prescreened offers of credit or insurance is by opting-out through the credit bureaus.  For this reason, we highly recommend you opt-out of prescreened offers with the bureaus directly if you prefer to not receive prescreened offers of credit and insurance.

Additionally, even if the bureaus can match you with the exclusion request based on the information provided, you may still receive residual offer letters for the Mission Lane Visa®  Credit Card in the 60 days following this confirmation due to mail printing and delivery timelines. 

  • This is because certain credit information was returned to us as part of a prescreened offer of credit process, under which we have a legal obligation to deliver a firm offer of credit pursuant to the FCRA. 
  • You received the prescreened offer of credit based on information in your credit report indicating that you meet certain criteria. For more information, please see the Prescreen & Opt-Out Notice on the direct mail you received.