Android Login

I can’t log into my Android app, even after updating. What’s going on?

If you’re using the Android app and recently tried updating your app after our scheduled system upgrade, you may be running into some error messages and/or issues that keep you from signing in. Below is information from the Google Play Help website to help fix the problem. 

These issues could include:

  • App updates get stuck and never finish downloading
  • Problems downloading or installing apps, games, or media from the Google Play Store
  • Apps downloaded from the Google Play Store won’t open, or they open and crash

And here’s how to fix it:

    • Make sure you’ve got a strong internet/Wi-Fi connection first
  • Step 1: Clear Cache in Settings
      • Go into your Android device’s Settings app
      • Select Apps & notifications, then See all apps
      • Scroll down and select Google Play Store
      • Select Storage & cache (this may also just be Storage depending on your device)
      • Select Clear Cache
  • Next, select Clear data (this may also say Clear storage depending on your device)
  • Step 2: Retry Download
    • Once that’s complete, re-open the Google Play Store and try completing your download
  • If you’re still having trouble, try restarting your device


Still need help? See this information in the Google Play Help website for  additional information.