How do I make a payment toward my Mission Lane Visa bill?

The fastest and most secure way to make a payment is online.

  • To make an online payment:
    1. Go to the Mission Lane login page:
    2. Enter the email and password for your Mission Lane account and click "Log In" 
    3. From your Account dashboard click "Make a Payment"
    4. Select the payment amount
    5. Select the payment date
    6. Select the payment source
    7. Click "Review Payment
    8. Review Payment Details
    9. Click "Submit Payment"

First, be sure to have your bank account’s routing and account numbers available.

  • To add your account at
    1. Choose Make Payment on the dashboard
    2. Select Add a checking account
    3. Enter your account and routing numbers
    4. Select Submit and review the confirmation message
  • To add your account on the Mission Lane mobile app:
    1. Choose More from the bottom navigation menu
    2. Select Add a Checking Account
    3. Enter your account and routing numbers
    4. Select Add Account and review the confirmation message

You can also make a payment over the phone by giving us a call at the number listed on the back of your card.

Please have your checking account and routing numbers ready when calling. Keep in mind that we currently can’t accept a debit card payment.

If you’d like to mail a payment, first sign into your account online and review our mailing instructions.