How will I get my credit card statement?

Depending on your paperless preferences, your statement will be delivered either by mail or by posting to your account online each month.  

  • If you've selected to receive paper statements, we’ll mail your statement to the mailing address specified for your account each month. If you access your account online, you can also find it by following the steps below.  
  • If you've chosen paperless delivery, your statement will be posted to your online account the day after your billing cycle closes. Note: your due date is at least 23 days after the close of each billing cycle. 

How to Access Statements Online

Mobile App

To view your current and past statements in the mobile app, select the Home tab in the bottom toolbar. Then, select Statements located next to the Activity header.


To view your current and past statements through our website, select Statements at the bottom of your Recent Activity section.