Replacement Card

We understand that unexpected situations may arise regarding your card's safety or condition. 

Here's more information to help you navigate the process of card replacement and understand the differences between lost or stolen cards and damaged cards.


What is the difference between Lost or Stolen vs Damaged Cards?

When your card is lost or stolen, we take your security seriously. In such cases, we issue a brand new card with a unique 16-digit card number to prevent any potential unauthorized use of your lost or stolen card.


If your card is damaged but still usable, we can issue a replacement card with the same card number. This allows you to continue using your existing card details without any disruption to your transactions. 

Upon your request for a replacement due to card damage or lost or stolen, we will promptly process the issuance of a new card. You can expect your replacement card to arrive within 7-10 calendar days at the provided mailing address. 


Whether your card is lost, stolen, or damaged, we are committed to providing you with prompt and secure solutions.