Credit Balance Refund

Why is there a negative balance on my credit card account?

If you see a negative balance on your account, don’t fret! This negative balance is actually a credit balance refund. This  occurs when you've overpaid or have a positive balance on your credit card account. This situation typically arises from one of the following reasons:

1. Overpayment: You made a payment that exceeded the total amount due on your credit card statement.

2. Returns or credits: You returned a purchased item or received a credit adjustment that resulted in a surplus on your account.

What happens when you have a credit balance?

When a credit balance exists on your account, you have several options depending on your preferences:

1. Using the credit: We recommend leaving the credit balance on your account to offset future purchases or charges. This is especially useful if you anticipate using your credit card and prefer to have the balance applied towards upcoming expenses.

2. Requesting a refund: You can contact customer service by sending us a message or calling the number on the back of your card to request a refund.