Cash Advance

Can I Use My Credit Card for Cash Advances?

Generally, yes. Please refer to your Credit Card Agreement for more information on Cash Advances. You can find important information on applicable rates and fees in the Rates and Fees Table that precedes your Agreement. While you do not need your credit card’s PIN to make purchases, you typically need to use it for Cash Advances. 

Here are some key things to know about Cash Advances:

  1. You can withdraw up to 25% of your credit limit, as long as the withdrawal amount doesn’t exceed your available credit.
  2. Depending on which amount is higher, we either charge a 8% or $5 fee of the Cash Advance amount.
  3. We begin charging interest on Cash Advances on the date the Cash Advance transaction occurred.
  4. Cash-like transactions, such as online gambling; peer to peer transfers; or purchases of foreign currency, cryptocurrency, money orders, wire transfers, travelers' checks, lottery tickets, casino gaming chips (physical or digital), wagers, or other similar items can be seen as Cash Advances.